Ex-Boyfriend Breaks Into Ex-Girlfriend’s House And Steals Her Cat, Random Woman Hooks Up With Him And Steals The Cat Right Back (Tumblr Thread & Viral Tweets)

Listen, over our time writing for ICanHasCheezburger, we have seen some crazy stories involving relationships and cats. We have seen everything from a girlfriend issuing an ultimatum and making her boyfriend choose between her and his cat, to a boyfriend choosing his cat’s side over his girlfriend, all the way to a cat packing itself into a sleepover bag and surprising his owner and his owner’s girlfriend when he popped out during said sleepover. In stories like these, there is usually a pretty straightforward answer as to who did the right and wrong thing, at least from our perspective, but things… are not quite so black and white in the story we have for you today.

In the tumblr thread we’re gonna be talking about today, there are so many twists and turns, and by the end of it, you find yourself… questioning who did right and who did wrong. Of course, the internet had a whole lot to say about all of it, but we’re curious about what you guys think! Would you have done the same thing as the iconic woman in this thread? 

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What do you think?


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