Mending The Monday Morning Blues By Laughing At A Whole Bunch Of Funny Cat Memes

Oh, Monday, you have come again. And yet again, we find ourselves in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering and contemplating if we should or shouldn’t call in sick for the day. But alas, someone has to go to work and make money to make sure that our spoiled cats stay just as spoiled as they are, so we must go to work. But don’t fret, friends, we have something for you that is going to make your Monday morning ever so slightly less painful, and that is, of course, a brand new collection of funny cat memes

There is no better way to fight away the Monday morning blues than with a bunch of cat memes. To us, funny cat memes are the ultimate comedy, they are the one and only thing that can make us smile no matter what. And we know that, since you are just as crazy and pawsome as we are – that you guys will enjoy this listicle just as much as us. Have a fantabulous week, everyone!

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