30 Witty Higher Self Memes for Women Healing Their Chakras with Crystals & Tarot Cards

Greetings, ladies! If you clicked on this listicle, chance is you’re going through a life-transforming event that may or may not have flipped your entire world around. Whether it’s a breakup, divorce, or any other change – just know, you’ve made it safely to CheezCake – your safe space for all things humor and femininity. 

If there’s one thing about us women – we’re hella intuitive. Yup, every single one of us. Don’t get it twisted though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we all have access to our intuition. The day-to-day grind can be very hectic and overwhelming, it’s so easy to get caught in the midst of it all. But in order for us to be able to think clearly and intuitively – we must learn to stop when needed, take a pause, a deep breath, and connect to our higher self. Be it through meditating, manifesting, or mindful thinking. 

So as you continue on your spiritual healing journey, we just want to say that you’re doing amazing and good things are coming to you. As long as you’re willing to accept them. Just like you’re willing to accept this jumbo collection of witty higher-self memes to tickle your chakras! 

What do you think?


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