‘Frankie The Frenchie Fights His Own Shadow’: Brave Bulldog Boxes His Own Reflection In Hilarious TikTok Video

Calling all doggy fight fans! It’s time to witness the paw-some spectacle of the century as Frankie the Frenchie Fighter steps into the ring!

In this viral Tik Tok video, this four-legged Rocky goes toe-to-toe with his greatest opponent yet: his own ruff-flection! Who needs sparring partners when you can have a shadow showdown? 

In an attempt to save his mama from this scary shadow, Frankie the Frenchie unleashes a furry of punches and lightning-fast paw-sses. After a couple seconds in the ring, Frankie realizes winning is not paw-sible and is forced to retreat back to his canine quarters. We are giving Frankie the biggest apaws for graciously guarding his mama, and could only wish for our own furry little companions to do the same. 

Frankie shows us that you don’t need a ringside audience to have a paw-sitively hilarious showdown. Get ready to wag your tails and howl with laughter as this courageous canine throws down the furriest face-off you’ve ever seen!


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