‘Karen doesn’t like that I removed my rose bushes’: Karen sent on goose chase after neighbor misleads her regarding where he works

Who does Karen think she is? A government official?! In case you weren’t aware of this, your nosy neighbor 100% does not need to know anything about your professional or personal life. I know, what a concept! But apparently, this Karen felt the burning desire to figure out where her neighbor worked after she didn’t approve of their gardening decisions. 


This thread was posted to Reddit’s r/pettyrevenge subreddit by u/Era8_Legit, who comes across as a master puppeteer in this story because of his unique ability to keep Karen chasing around town to find his fake boss. He revealed in his post that in actuality, he works for a fully remote company and is not easily discoverable on LinkedIn or other job sites, so there’s no way this Karen’s search is going to work. He first told her that he worked for the local HVAC company. After she confirmed that he didn’t work there, he told her that he switched jobs and now works for a digital ad agency. After she confirmed that he didn’t work there, she tried to threaten him and said that it was illegal for him to lie to her, as if she was part of the IRS or something. She wasn’t, and therefore he has done nothing illegal. He wound up misdirecting her once again and told her that he was the general manager at the local Ford dealership. This woman clearly has way too much time on her hands to take all of this on. On top of that, she might also be the most gullible Karen on the petty revenge subreddit.


Keep scrolling below for the full story from OP’s perspective. For more tales of petty revenge, check out this post about a single mother’s revenge on her boss.

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