Troublemaker Bird Gets A Toy That Copies Every Sound It Makes, Immediately Loses Its Mind In Reaction (Video)

This one is for all the people who think that birds are boring pets. You’re about to realize just how wrong you are. Some birds, specifically cockatoos, are some of the most hilarious pets that you can possibly have. Now, we have proven this many times in the past. If you have yet to see the video of the cockatoo grooving out to ‘Dancing Queen’, then we don’t know what you’re doing. Or how about the one of the cockatoo that is convinced it’s a dinosaur? And then, there’s the iconic Pebble – the cockatoo who swears like a sailor whether she’s happy or not. 

Cockatoos make for some of the most entertaining pets that you can have, and this video is simply another piece of proof for that. The cockatoo in this video is, by far, one of the biggest troublemakers that we have laid our eyes on. Not a single boring moment with this guy, that’s for sure. 

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The teacher was right. This trip will be memorable.

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