‘You can’t claim residence when you don’t pay rent’: Karen tenant refuses to pay rent, roommate submits paperwork to get her evicted

Karen roommates are a dime a dozen, as almost everyone has had to deal with somebody who lacks basic practical skills and human decency. In this case, OP was sharing a two-bedroom with a roommate who he quickly found out was a Karen. Thriving on conflict, Karen always found something wrong to point out. She has given herself one hundred different labels, some of which include being a germaphobe, which she uses as an excuse to demand OP touch nothing… in his own home.

OP said he was willing to tolerate her behavior on the condition she paid rent, but soon enough she became a deadbeat, meaning she didn’t could not pay said rent. The bewildering part about all this is that Karen is 38 years old; she is a grown adult. On top of being unable to pay rent, Karen also began to tell OP where he could and could not sit in his own home. So, enough was enough; OP submitted the paperwork needed in order to get her evicted.

A series of unfortunate events unfolded, some of which included Karen calling the cops on OP, who had been sitting down on the floor, playing on his phone at the time. Scroll down to read what happened next. For more, here is an RV resident who got himself evicted after refusing to move his truck from his neighbor’s driveway.

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