25 Single and Ready to Mingle Memes Just in Time for Hot girl Summer

Being single during the summer hits different. We’re beginning to realize that weather may just have a direct impact on our mental health. Think about breaking up with someone in the winter, for example. The breakup part is hard enough but on top of all that, it’s 50 shades of grey and freezing outside. You’re pale, sick half the time, and can’t even go out on a hot girl walk without getting frostbite. 

But in the summer, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the city comes back to life. People are peopling, every (off) day is a beach day and you feel like this may just be the start of something new. And we don’t know about you ladies, but we also tend to be in our best physical shape during the summer. Oh, and we can’t forget about the tan!!!! 

So yeah, breakups – shmakeups. Not all relationships are meant to last, and that’s okay. Some are just here to teach you yet another lesson on who you should avoid on Tinder. Happy single hot girl summering! 

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