‘She Was Just Nervous And Confused’; Sweet Cat Gets Unjustly Returned To Shelter, The Internet Bands Together To Find Her A Home (Viral Twitter thread)

It’s a beautiful thing to see when the internet decides to do the right thing. You know, everyone blames people on the internet for being combative, but sometimes… we all band together and choose to do something amazing, and that is exactly what happened here. So many cats get passed over in shelters for awful reasons. Black cats get adopted less than any other simply because of the stereotypes attached to them. Senior cats get adopted much more rarely because of stereotypes as well. And some cats get rehomed so many times just for being a little bit nervous around humans that it breaks our hearts. 

That’s the story of this kitty. The precious thing was returned to the shelter for nervously pooping on their new owner’s rug. In a desperate plea to help the kitty, the shelter called out for help on twitter, and twitter users, in response, made the tweet go viral and helped the cutie cat find a new forever home.  

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