A Gently Pruned Garden of Memes

Listen, there a lot of funny memes out there. This website wouldn’t exist if that wasn’t true. There is truly is a flavor of meme for every kind of person, and we should all be thankful for that.

At the same time, this isn’t always a positive thing for the average meme consumer. It means you have to wade through a lot of irrelevant content before you get to the good stuff. Now, this list hasn’t been specifically tailored to you, but it has weeded out a few bits and pieces to make it easier on the eye. With any luck, it contains just enough irrelevance to keep things interesting, without it being overwhelming as well. It’s a tricky balance, and we’re not always going to manage it. 

Fear not, though, because we always bounce back. So long as the memes keep flowing, we’ll keep pruning them until they’re almost respectable. All you need to do is turn up. 


What do you think?


2000 peter parker

Someone Found Girl