‘All these people know we are going to smash later’: Cute and quirky married couples recall the silly conversations they shared during the first dance at their wedding

Clunky as ever, your first dance is the first big moment of any marriage. The first dance is the pinnacle of the romanticism and can make a lasting impression on your friends and family, branding your relationship for decades to come with a flourishing song and beautiful lyrics. So why is it always so awkward? 

Couples notoriously HATE their first dance (despite the fluttering stomachs and the romantic lyrics). They hate it because they’re usually just secluded on the dance floor swaying to the longest song ever made, wondering why they haven’t even seen each other all day up until this point. By the time the first dance rolls along, most spouses on their wedding day are wrung out emotionally, which has led to the wholesome private moments that occur on an ultra-public stage. Keep scrolling to feast your eyes on some of the most adorable, silliest conversations that these lawfully wedded couples had while their guest list watched with tears in their eyes.

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