Paw-some Pup Proclaims: ‘Mama’! A Groundbreaking Growl That Has Melted Our Icy Hearts

Happy Thursday animal lovers. We’re almost to the weekend! And you know what that means. We’re back at it, serving up a dose of doggy dopamine to give you that final push to get through these last couple days of work. 

We think all dog lovers can agree that it would be paw-some if our dog could speak. We could finally understand what’s going on in their little heads – why they’re crying, what they want to eat, when they want to go out. Even more we wish we could, just once, hear our puppy say ‘I love you mom’. 

Well this paw-dorable pup is on his way to saying mama and it couldn’t be cuter. Growing up next to his baby brother, Maverick, this pooch has started to pick up on some of the new terminology getting passed around the house, and ‘Mama’ is first on the list. Although mama couldn’t get her hooman baby to speak, her fur baby was up for the challenge. Trying to sound out the word, this mastermind mutt is on his way to breaking the barriers of interspecies communication. Totally worthy of a-paws? Or dangerous new trick? The responses of Reddit users to this ground-breaking growl will help you decide.

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