20+ Barktastic Emotional Support Memes of Wholesome Doggos (July 2, 2023)

Dogs were once fearsome predators of the wilds that spooked the early-hoomans with no end. All it took to turn ‘man’s biggest’ fear into ‘man’s best friend’ was some chummy munchies and emotional support. Back then, dogs needed an emotional support human to stray from the wilds; nowadays, humans need their emotional support dog to survive our own wilderness. We rely on our good boys and they rely on us– it’s all about balance. 

So with the 4th of July around the corner, dog owners and pooches unite to combat the spookiness of every blasting firework, while also enjoying their time off in the sun. Dogs and humans alike can celebrate the thing that makes our relationship special and that’s the camaraderie of hiding in the bathtub together when the neighbors bring out the Roman candles. That’s just good dog parenting. 

For more drool-worthy humor, check out last week’s emotional support memes.

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