25 Healthy Relationship Memes for Couples With a Wholesome Kink (June 29, 2023)

In a world where dating has essentially been reduced to swipes and likes, people have grown rather lazy in terms of courting someone. Don’t get it twisted, people still understand the grand idea and essence of love, but not the true value of it. Somewhere amidst all the online dating app chaos, we forgot that relationships are meant to be healthy, heartwarming, and wholesome. 

We don’t know, dating apps have somehow convinced us that f8ck boys and players are the only things out there and we just accepted it. Up until we met our amazing boyfriend, that is. He’s someone who’s sweet and caring, but most importantly – he has a good heart. One that respects you and adores you to the core of your being for just being yourself and no one else. 

Welp, if you too, found your wholesome hubby, then congrats and a bit of advice – hold onto him and cherish him deeply because he sure is a keeper! 

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