Start This Caturday In The Most Purrfect Way With The Funniest Cat Memes Of The Week (July 1, 2023)

Happyyy Caturday, everyone!!! Ugh, finally, we have made it to this blessed day. We have gotten through the entire workweek, made it through the intense difficulty of leaving our cats at home every single day when we went to work, suffered knowing that they are waiting for us to return so they could yell at us for being away for so long. But we have made it. Finally. Alas. And now, we get to cuddle our cats as much as we want, nap all day long, and – of course – laugh at a whole bunch of cat memes

It’s Caturday! And every single Caturday must start with nothing but pawsitivity. And there is nothing better that we can think of to make all of you guys smile than a collection of the very best cat memes of the week! We hope you enjoy it, everyone, and we wish you all a pawsome weekend!

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