Therapeutic Shmorgasburg of 20+ Wholesome Animal Memes to Gobble Up This Weekend

We love animals. Whether they fly, swim, gallop, bark, or oink, we love the way they ogle up at us with their shiny eyes and eager faces. Animals know their affect they have of us hoomans, but do they know that we really, genuinely love them? Your dog might realize that when you share your bed with them that you love them. But what about the farmer’s goose that you’ve been sneaking bird seed to? Or the wild rabbits that you leave baby carrots out for? Do they know? 

Regardless of the animal kingdom’s awareness of human love, it doesn’t change the fact that when you see an animal, your mood is instantly boosted. That’s why they employee emotional support animals and therapy critters to people– because they just make us happy, okay? Inexplicably. So keep on scrolling for the bountiful feast of wholesome animalness that’ll get you through any weekend blues. 

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