When Animals Steal The Spotlight: 20 Hilarious Photobombs Of Animals Capturing Center Stage

Let’s face it, some people are born to be the center of attention, and others are more quiet wall-flowers. We all know who those attention-seekers are, they’re the ones at the center of every conversation, at every dog party, and always have the latest gossip. They’re also the ones that have to be in every single picture, even if they’re not wanted! But, sometimes it makes for a hilarious photobomb, and it makes a good memory to laugh at.

This post is full of hilarious animal photobombs, some more subtle than others, but all photobombs nonetheless. These derpy divas couldn’t stand being left out and had to sneak their way into the photo, usually with a hilariously goofy smile or an unknowing stare. Despite their “mistake”, we love all these photos, and we might even say that they’re better than the original. Scroll down below to see for yourself!

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