‘I smiled and waited for Joe to clock in’: Demanding customer insists a male employee help her, cue malicious compliance by department manager

One manager didn’t bother telling a demanding customer she was wrong… she found out eventually all by herself. 

Customer service workers deserve to make at least $15 million per year, and if I was President, I would make it happen. These jobs are some of the lowest paid, and all the while you have to work with customers who don’t really want your help, they just want to complain. The longer you work in customer service, the more you realize that you don’t have to put in that much effort. Smile, be polite, and let people do what they want to do. Lots of people just want to be heard, and if you let them ramble on for a few minutes, it seems to pacify them. Others will start yelling if you don’t intervene, but it’s surprising how many Karens just run out of steam if you let them vent. 

This woman works as a hardware store manager, but she looks young for her age, and some customers don’t believe she can handle the difficult task of… locating a product in the department she manages. I’m rolling my eyes so hard. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The customer won her stupid prize, which you can read all about in the story below, told by u/MoonLover10792. 

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