Person Recommends Going To Cat-Only Vets, Other Twitter Users Recount The Most Ridiculous Things Vets Have Said About Cats (Viral Tweets)

The life of a cat owner is not an easy one. Yes, cats are generally low-maintenance pets in comparison to others, but that doesn’t mean that they’re easy pets. Ignore the fact that cats can and do purposefully act like jerks sometimes and do everything in their power to annoy us, just taking a cat to the vet is already an adventure. 

There are so many insane things that can happen at the vet’s office with a cat. Some cats need goggles or cones of shame at the vet’s office because they’re too spicy for a regular visit. Other times, you end up paying thousands of dollars at the vet’s because your cat was constipated – yes, thousand-dollar poops, you heard that right. And other times… you encounter a vet that is so obvious dog-biased that you, as a cat owner, find yourself facepalming throughout the whole appointment. And that’s what this hilarious viral twitter thread is about.

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