10 Women Admit They Were The Bad Date

Bad dates happen to everyone but sometimes, we ourselves are the bad date and there is no shame in admitting our faults. But hey, not everyone can be on their game 100 percent of the time, am I right? Every woman at some point or another will drink a little too much or go on a date when our period was only a few days away, making our emotional state not quite fit for putting our best selves forward – and that’s OK! As long as you have no trouble owning your mistakes when you were the bad date – because we sure as hell give guys a TON of crap for it. From drinking entirely too much alcohol to the point of obnoxious intoxication to being extremely vocal about being hung up on an ex, there are tons of ways to sabotage what could have been a perfectly lovely evening. We teamed up with dating blog The Single Society to bring you a list of ten women who had no trouble admitting that THEY were the bad date. Do you have a bad/funny/cringeworthy date story to share with our readers? Please spill the tea right here. Thanks in advance!

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