Capybara Comedy Chronicles – Internet’s Favorite Giant Rodents Coming For World Domination (18 Memes & Video)

Happy Sunday, capybara fan girls and boys! These adorable, innocent, and friendly creatures have stolen our hearts but that convinces us that they are the perfect animals to aim for world domination. Hear us out: with their irresistibly cute faces and their knack for getting along cuties from all over the animal kingdom, they could charm their way into any position of power. Imagine a capybara as the leader of the United Nations, calmly resolving conflicts with a gentle nudge and a toothy grin.

For those who have lived under a rock, we have gathered a collection of capybara memes that sum up the internet’s obsession with the world’s largest rodent. The giant watermelon rodents are the main characters and we are just living in their capybara-led world. Still not convinced that they hold world-dominating power? Check out some more Capybara memes.

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