The New And Improved Way To Learn About All The Crazy And Funky Animals In The Kingdom – 21 Hilarious Animal Factoids

Happy first Monday of July everyone. For many of us around the world summer vacation is here, but that doesn’t mean we can slack on our education! We have to keep our title as the smartest mammals in the animal kingdom, we can’t have the giant rodent mammals Capybaras coming for world domination just yet. But don’t worry, we aren’t going to force you to read a science textbook. We present hilarious animal factoids!   

Created by Tumblr user iris polaris, these animal factoids are both hilarious and educational. We never knew about owls’ asymmetrical ears to hear their prey or rhino horns being made out of the same thing as hair, did you?! After studying this list, we invite you to come to join the Paws and Books Club or read up on some breaking mews to raise your intelligence stats by +2. 

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