‘Zero contact for the first 30 days of the breakup’ : A Tiktoker’s Guide on How to Navigate a Breakup Correctly (Text)

Let’s be real. At one point or another, at least every single one of us has gone through a terrible breakup. Whether it was in your teen years or adulthood, it never does get easier. How could it? You’re pretty much parting with someone who’s been your person for the past months, years, or even decades. You may just feel like everything around you is crumbling to the ground but listen up, we’re here to remind you that it does get better and you will get over him. 

Everyone has their own ways of healing after a breakup, some people’s ways are wiser than others but nevertheless, they exist. Welp, today we’re bringing you an empowering breakup guide that pretty much outlines what you should and shouldn’t do during the days after a breakup. If you ask us, the most important advice for anyone going through heartache is zero contact, which spoiler alert, this woman talks about. 

Without further ado, we invite you to read her transcribed advice and if you’re up for it, watch the actual TikTok video at the bottom of the list. Oh, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on her advice and process. Is yours the same? What would you do differently? 

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Peace to everyone

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