Cat Owner Knocks Over A Plant Then Sprays Themselves With Water To Show That ‘The Law Applies To Everyone’, The Internet Reacts Hilariously (Tweets)

We, cat owners, grow to do quite a few strange things for our cats over time. We don’t do it on purpose! Sometimes, we don’t even notice ourselves doing those things. It’s just that… our cats are weird, and they are our masters, and therefore, with time, we become weird as well. We have full conversations with our cats sometimes without thinking that it’s weird. We buy our cats expensive cat trees that they’ll never use and that we know they won’t use. We even build mini rooms for our cats inside our bookcases sometimes. 

Doing weird things for your cat is normal, and therefore, it is not actually weird. Right? Right. That’s our logic. Because that’s the only way we can explain why this twitter user sprayed themselves in the face after knocking off a plant to show their cat that ‘the law applies to everyone’. The only way. 

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Sometimes there is really nothing you can do about it

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