More Memes to Tide Us Over

Many people tend to think of addiction in black and white terms. Either somebody is angelically abstemious from a vice, or they’re totally devoted to it. The truth is that it is not always that simple. Often, an addictive habit comes about in increments, without us really realizing it. 

This is especially true of our dependency on screens. One day, we got our first smartphone and simply never looked back. Of course, there are worse things to need in our lives, but it does mean that we’re tied to this whole being on the internet thing for the long term now. At least all the memes are here to make it a more pleasant ride. They’re a total symptom of our terminal online-ness, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not enjoyable. Just try not to use them for life advice, and you should be fine to consume them with gratitude.

What do you think?


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