Top Choosing Beggars of the Week (July 4, 2023)

Happy Fourth of July to everyone except the choosing beggars of the world! While some of us may be celebrating the day off with family and friends, there will always be a handful of crazy entitled folks who just want to start a fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s a national holiday because there is no such thing as rest for these choosing beggars.


Some of these stories range from ridiculous to desperate. We’ve got an anonymous Karen who made a fuss about not having her own pool while simultaneously refusing to take her kids to the beach (give me a break, lady!). We also have a dude named Joe who had the audacity to ask to buy a $30K car for $5K. Nice try, bro! But I guess we admire you for giving your ridiculous offer a good old college try. We even have a famous celebrity who thought she could get away with organizing a gender reveal party without proper payment (if this one is true, my opinion of this celebrity has now changed dramatically). And don’t even get me started on the guy who’s asking for the Internet to pay 100% of his child support for six children.


Keep scrolling below for the full collection of this week’s top choosing beggars. When you’re finished, feel free to take a look at these top dating flops of the week and this compilation of 20 annoying coworkers and their strange habits. Stay tuned for more choosing beggars in the coming weeks!

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