‘You’re fired’: Boss leaves high-paying job for new position at company, only to get fired and replaced by outsourced employee

‘Nobody wants to work these days’ and ‘Employees aren’t loyal anymore’ are two of the most popular sentences coming out of management’s mouths nowadays, as they seem to be under the assumption that something has gone awfully wrong in recent years when it comes to work ethic. They aren’t entirely wrong, but they’re looking at it the wrong way. Why doesn’t anybody want to work anymore? Why have employees finally grown a pair and are no longer feeling obligated to their job the same way they’d feel obligated in a relationship? That is where the answer lies.

OP’s boss has left a high-quality, high-paying job for a new position at OP’s corporation. OP said that this boss was well-skilled, and very good at his job. Barely one week in though, he was already complaining, saying that employees aren’t loyal anymore and that he could not for the life of him understand why. OP’s boss said employees tend to leave on a moment’s notice for more pay and benefits. It baffled him. Why would people want better terms? Why not just settle for what they had?

Well, as he came to learn, every employee is dispensable, including himself. Scroll down to read exactly what happened. For more stories like this, here is a resident who corrected his neighbor’s rude behavior after his car had been dented one too many times in the building’s parking lot.

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