24 Purrfect Pics Of Flexible Felines Proving That Cats Are Literally Liquid

Check your thermometer friends because it’s getting hot outside. If the temperature goes about 90 degrees, your cat might start to melt! Cats are many things – beautiful, graceful, and they prove to us time and time again that they are full of noodle bones and are basically liquid! We don’t know how they manage to do it, but we love watching them contort themselves into crazy positions.

This post is full of flexible felines that are either melting into a puddle on the ground or losing their elasticity and stretching out to new, unheard-of lengths that we didn’t think were possible! How they can fall asleep in these extremely stretched and/or twisted positions, we’ll never know, but it just adds to the mystery that is cats. Enjoy these liquified felines down below, and turn on your air conditioning so they can go back to normal!

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