34 Extremely Normal Cat Memes For Extremely Normal People

Good meorrow, fellow cat lovers and connoisseurs! Are you a person that prides yourself on being extremely normal? Completely vanilla? Nothing out of the ordinary? Us too! We’re absolutely, 100% normal, except for maybe one thing….our love for cats! We love cats so much, we’re probably the #1 cat fan in the whole world. So in order to celebrate our normal-ness and our love for cats, we’ve gathered a savory selection of extremely normal cat memes for extremely normal people like us!

Just like everyone else, we have cats on our t-shirts, cats on our socks, and a cat-themed bag, and sometimes, we even prefer to lick ourselves clean instead of shower, just like a cat! These silly and hilarious cat memes should be completely relatable for all of us extremely normal people, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself giggling so hard you cough up a hairball!

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Can someone tell me what breed is this dog?