Angy Pawdorable Kitties (And One Big Cat) – 20 Felines Upset That Their Hoomans Are At Work And Not Giving Them Enough Cuddles And Treats

Happy Thursday toe-rrific toe beans and paws lovers! Cat parents will know that cats 90% of the time kitties are in a majorly miffed mood. You don’t feed them on time or feed them too little? Angry. You don’t pet them enough, but you cuddle them too much? Angry. You look at them the wrong way or at the wrong time? Angwy kittens! But we also can’t deny, there is something so adorable when they give us that deadly angry stare that declares their power over hooman kind

So to bask in the adorableness from a safe distance and without purposefully annoying the feline cuties, we collected some of our favorite angry kittens living on the internet. From kitties judging our shenanigans to cats angry after baths, all these angry kittens are simply too cute not to share!

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