Beans For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner: 22 Toe-rrific Toe Beans For An Afternoon Delight During Work

Hmmm….we’re feeling a bit peckish, don’t you think it’s time for a little afternoon snack? But we have to say, we’re having the oddest craving, could it be for….beans? Yes! We’re craving a hefty helping of delectable toe beans! We want all of their bean-y goodness, and when they’re attached to preciously purrfect cats, how could we resist?

We love when cats show us their cute little toe beans, it’s probably our second favorite part of a cat’s body. The first, obviously, are their purrfectly boopable snoots! How could we live without those two things? The answer is that we can’t, and we don’t have to! We have some scrumptious toe beans and a snoot that is waiting to be booped at home, just waiting for us. Lucky us! Go make yourself a nice bean salad below and remember, beans are a beautiful fruit, and these ones don’t even make you toot!

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