Clawtastic Kitty Cuddlefest: 17 Purrfect Pics Of Cute Cats And Kittens Getting Some Much Needed Cuddle Time

‘Good morning Cuddlefest! We know you clawtastic kitties have spent the whole year prepping for this day, so don’t worry, the gates will open up soon. Before that, we’d just like to go over some basic Cuddlefest facts while we finish prepping so that everyone has an ameowzing time. Nah, we’re just kidding, enjoy the convention folks, and remember to visit the cosplay medic if your costume gets damaged!’

Once a year, in the kingdom of Meowlandia’s capital city, there is a special convention for all feline fans of cuddling, aptly named Cuddlefest. During this time, many cats and kittens dress up in extravagant costumes, based on their favorite cuddly fictional characters, and venture to the convention for a cuddle-packed day of feline fun!

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