Displeased Orange Cat Appropriately Headbutts His Human Until Compliance To Start The Day Is Achieved, Interwebs Delighted

Hey friends! We cat parents know that when our cats want something from us, it does not matter if we are asleep, awake, on the toilet, or mowing the lawn, our cats will make their desires known in one way or another. For a particularly floofy and displeased orange cat posted about on Reddit, the appropriate reaction towards getting his human’s attention is most certainly headbutting his human until they wake up and then staring intently at said human until they get out of bed. 

It’s undoubtedly a bold approach, but when have cats ever been known for not being brave, feisty little creatures? This method of catching a human’s attention is the most effective one, who could say no to that displeased, silly face? It’s as if the human is being nudged aggressively with that stare alone. Pure hilarity. And of course, the folks of Reddit had a few things to say about the silly situation. Enjoy! 

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