Fancy Feast of Feline Feel-Goods That’ll Fill Your Heart With Fuzzies (July 6, 2023)

Although it may not always seem like it, the world is full of wholesome goodness. Sometimes, your day can be made simply by the most innocent street-side pspsps. If you’re lucky, a street cat will hear your call and come running, hoping for a decent head pat and some ankle swirling action. If that doesn’t fill your heart to the brim, we don’t know what will. Cats have a special way of fueling our finest fantasies and tugging our toughest heartstrings. Whether it’s the tininess of their nose, the pink plop of their toe beans, or the feistiest flick of the tail, cats can turn your frown upside down in an instant. If you’re ever the lucky hooman to be chosen by a cat, you know that it doesn’t get much better than the satisfaction of a feline curling up in your lap.

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