Man Rescued 70 Cats And Is Now Renting 3 Apartments To Keep Them Well Taken Care Of And Happy (Video)

Every time that we come across a cat rescue story, we are always so happy. Amazed even – in the most positive way. To know that there are people out there who are willing to take time out of their busy lives to save a cat that is in need of help. We are always thankful, because we know that not everyone would do that, that most people would simply walk past without helping. Each and every cat that gets rescued and each and every rescuer is special to us. But the man in this video… he is something different. 

Cat ladies, meet the ultimate cat gentleman. This man is the kind of person who is simply unable to walk past a cat in need without helping them – to the point that he has now saved 70 cats and has to rent out three apartments to keep them all well taken care of and happy. He is amazing, and his story deserves to be heard.

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