Tongue Tied Tabbies: 18 Pawdorable Pics Of Cute Kitties And Their Beautiful Bleps

In the days of yore, the blessed Blep Lords ruled Bleplandia with elegance and kindness, that is, until one clawtastrophic event happened, the rise of the Blep King. This once fangtastic feline was fed up with the Blep Lords’ rule and chose to use the power of his ameowzing blep to overthrow the Blep Lords once and for all. And so he did, ushering in an age of chaos and freedom, where the only rule was that of the mighty.

Twenty years later, the Blep Princess, daughter of the king, frustrated with the state of Bleplandia, would run away from the castle and start a rebellion against her father. Though her struggle would be hard, her kindness toward the catizens would be her strength, as they would all eventually join her rebellion and help her overthrow her despot father with their awwdorable bleps.

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