30+ Funniest Cat Memes Full Of Fireworks, Freedom, And Festivity To Celebrate America’s Independence Day

Happy July 4th to all you cool cats and kittens out there. We hope you’re enjoying a bit of outside time, smelling all that barbecue in the backyard, and chasing some birds. While we’re all waiting for the big fireworks show tonight, let’s scroll through some hilarious cat memes to pass the time! That will get us in the right mood for a bunch of loud explodey things in the sky that are amazing, but also kind of scary.

From “That’s What I Call Mewsic” to cats and Christmas trees, these funny and festive cat memes are full of fun and giggles all around. They’re purrfect for reading through while eating a nice, crisp slice of watermelon and lounging by the pool. That’s where we wish we were right now! So enjoy the holiday, and happy Freedom Day!

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