30+ Giggle-Inducing Feline Funnies For People Whose Love Language Is Cat Memes

We all have those friends that we never talk with, but we constantly send each other memes back and forth. It’s a dialogue without conversation, but filled with love. Some friendships don’t need checking in on, just a little bit of humor and showing that you’re thinking about the other person. We have the same, but with us, it’s sending hilarious cat memes!

We have a few friends that we send all of our cat memes to, and each time, whenever they heart it, or send us back an “lol”, it makes our heart sing. There’s nothing better than finding a great, super funny cat meme and knowing exactly who to send it to. We feel that you get us because if you clicked on this article, you probably feel the same way. So we hope you find some good cat memes here, and you feel our love from us to you.

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