35 Fluffy Feline Memes for Goofy Cat Souls Who Pspspsps Their Way to the Weekend

Welcome to another boisterous batch of hissterical cat memes! For all the fluffy feline souls who can’t wait to pspsps their way to the weekend, we are right there with you. We’re impatient to get home and enjoy a nice cuddle with our cat, with the kind of chill that only comes with the knowledge you don’t have to get up the next morning. Our delightful critters have left such a mark on us… see, occasionally there will be certain individuals (ahem, Karen from work) who may caution us against becoming the stereotypical ‘old cat lady’, insinuating that it is somehow undesirable.

However, we respectfully dissent… What could possibly surpass the joy of cohabiting with a splendid multitude of 70 cats during one’s golden years? We all know how good serotonin is for us, so below you will find a funny collection of cat memes to enjoy. For more, you can check out some more fluffy feline memes here.

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