A Snuggle Bundle Of Purrito Cats Wrapped Up To Purrfection (18 Awwdorable Photos)

Sometimes, when we look at our cats, we are overtaken with such a strong desire to… wrap them up as tightly as we can, squish them to our chests, and never let them go. It’s impawssible to avoid that feeling. Our cats are so tiny and adorable and squishable. It’s a good thing that our cats like being wrapped up tightly. In fact, as a result of these very phenomena – us needing to squish our cats, and our cats enjoying the sensation of being squished – the internet came up with a whole term for it – purritos. 

Oh, if you’re a cat person like us, then you know exactly what a purrito is. But just in case you’re not, here is your refresher. Purritos are the cutest thing you will ever see in your life. Purritos are love, purritos are life. Purritos are cats wrapped up just like a burrito, only much, much cuter.  

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