Fabulous Feline Floof Festival: 18 Purfect Pics Of Pawdorable And Floofy Feline Friends

Come one, come all, to Meowlandia’s Fabulous Feline Floof Festival, the most furtastic event of the year! This festival celebrates the floofs and the furballs that make up part of Meowlandia’s catizenry, and is known all over the world for its ameowzing musical acts, fashion events, and delicious food, most of which is tuna based.

This year’s festival is jointly sponsored by the Mayor and the Fur Baby Museum, and the theme is Meow City Floofs Throughout History, which means we’ll be seeing some amazing fashion revivals everywhere we look! So head on down to Central Purrk next Caturday, because this Floofsteival is going to be one of the best ones yet!

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