Ferocious Mix of 24 Feisty Cute and Funny Cats in Their Fluffy Feline Element

Welcome to a ferocious mix of seriously adorable and funny cats! The cat community is pretty intense; we know we have a pretty serious adoration for our beloved cats. Our fluffy critters effortlessly found their way into our hearts, and we’ve become their biggest fans since. The bond between you and your cat is something only you (and purrhaps fellow cat lovers) will understand. Sometimes people like to say, ‘Careful, you don’t want to become that old cat lady’, like it’s somehow a bad thing. But we beg to differ… what could be better than living with 70 cats when you’re in your ripe old age?

So, we shall continue to love our cats ferociously and scroll through adorable pictures of them, because it brightens our day, our minds, and our hearts. Scroll down for the cutest cat pictures this week. For more, here are some roaring animal pictures that will have you laughing to the weekend.

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