Fur-nomenal Faux-Paw: When Catnip Cravings Take a Hiss-terical Turn (Hilarious Cat Video & Comments)

Happy Caturday everyone, we are back with another hiss-terical feline story to brighten up your cat-tastic morning.

In a meow-ment of guilt, this funny feline mistakes her mamas arm for a pile of cat nip and quickly reflects on her poor snack choice. With her furry face scrunching up in a moment of purr-plexity, she realizes that her tasty treat turned out to be nothing but an arm-full of disappointment. Purr-haps this kidding kitty cat got tangled up in a ball of confusion, or maybe was just begging her mama for some more food, but there’s one thing we can tell you; this felines post-chomp clarity will definitely go down in hiss-tory and make your fur stand on end with laughter. 

This paw-some misadventure left us wondering if this kitty needs a visit to the “catstodian” to clean up her snacking act. Take a look and see why all of us at ICANHAS are paw-sitively obsessed with this clip!

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