Our Favorite One-Brain Celled Orange Felines Inspiring Us To Turn Off Work Mode And Turn On Relax Mode (19 Memes & Videos)

Happy Friday cat lovers, it’s finally time to go into weekend mode! Sometimes it’s hard disconnecting from work, whether it’s logging out of your work email or wanting to hand in that important document before the weekend, but taking a proper break from work is important too. So who better to teach us how to switch off our brains than the ferociously feisty orange cats searching for their long-lost brain cells?!

Let’s just say, orange cats have a reputation for being as sharp as a feather on a cat pole, and we say that with the utmost affection! From the goofy ginger kitty cats sitting in the most ridiculous positions to the orange furballs always seemingly having the zoomies. Despite their lack of brain cells, there is something to learn from these feline cuties about weekend relaxation.

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