Purr-oudly Ameowrican: 26 Proud And Patriotic Kitty Cats Showing Off Their Stars, Stripes, And Ameowrican Spirit

Oh hai, friends! Happy 4th of July! Get ready to feel the purr-triotic vibes because we’ve got a big barbecue of fierce feline patriots flaunting their stars, stripes, and their Ameowrican spirit! These meowvelous kitties are more than just cute; they’re purr-oudly Ameowrican! Decked out in red, white, and blue, they strut their stuff with pawsome pride. In fact, they look so cute and festive that we think they deserve their own tiny feline 4th of July parade!

 From tiny top hats to fluffy bandanas, these meowgnificent furballs know how to show off their paw-triotic style. Whether perched on a flag or posing by Uncle Sam, these furry freedom fighters embody the land of the free and the home of the brave. Prepare for an overload of adorbs and some serious Ameow-erican spirit! Just make sure they’re safely indoors by the time the fireworks start, okay?

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Elegant moves

Infernal Demons, p18