(Toe)Beanie Baby Bonanaza: 18 Pawdorable Pics Of Purrfect Kitties And Their Widdle Beans

Welcome all, to this year’s (Toe)Beanie Baby Bonanza, a special day that celebrates Meowlandia’s most beloved and meowtastic kitten toy of all! These amazing plushie feline friends, who come with interchangeable beans, have been a staple of Meowlandia’s culture for centuries, dating back to the ameowzing days of the industrial revolution, in which they played a central part.

That’s right, it was indeed (Toe)Beanie Babies that kicked off the race for industrial machinery when the founder of the company found that there was a severe lack of workers for their factory. So in order to mitigate this, the company hired local genius, Leomeowdo de Minci, to figure out how to automate the process of building these toys, which would kick off fierce competition and bring an age of incredible technology to Meowlandia.

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