Caption This: 26 Wise-Cracking Cat Lovers Tweet Responses To Comical Cat Picture Of Group Meeting In Viral Twitter Thread

We always wonder what cats are discussing when they’re all gathered together. We always assume world domination, but you never know – it could be anything! One of our favorite Twitter accounts, @CatWorkers, posted a hilarious cat photo of four cats in chairs outside as if they were attending some impawtant kitty meeting. They asked the internet, “You take the wrong door and accidentally walk into this team meeting. What’s on the agenda?”

Let us tell you, the internet did not disappoint. From detailed tuna discussions to nap time etiquette, these cat lovers had us in stitches with their ridiculously funny tweets. Our favorites are the really ridiculous ones, like “Interview for a diversification hire”! The internet never fails to impress us with its creativity, and we definitely giggled from these seriously silly kitties being weird little guys. Scroll down to find your favorite below!

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