Cat Loaf Collection That’s the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

When a cat assumes the loaf position, it means they love you. Or at least they trust their hoomans enough to tuck their toe beans and wrap their protective tails around their whole body, turning their normally-sleek form into a lump of fur. Cat loafs are a delicate and beautiful thing to catch sight of in your home. When your kimten could slide their body shape into the void of the bread pan, you’ll be tempted to ask your local store for a baker’s dozen of these beauties. The sacred loaves of feline fur balls are the gluten-free glue that holds together the fabric of our lives. We see our fur babies cuddled up in their favorite sun spot and can’t help but share the blissed-out chillage– We want what they have. For those of us who have never seen a cat loaf or simply love the bready baked goodness of kitties in their final form, keep scrolling for some cattos that are fresh out of the oven. 

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