Malfunctioning Orange Braincell Cat Walks In To Neighbor’s House, Meows Confusedly When He Realizes Something Is Off

If you’re someone who lets your cats outdoors or someone who has an incredibly conniving cat who slips out despite not having permission… do you ever wonder where exactly your cats go? Or maybe you’re someone who – every once in a while – has an unexpected visit from a cat who is a house cat, and you find yourself wondering about who this kitty belongs to. Well, it turns out that some cats live double lives with their neighbors.

Take this malfunctioning orange brain cell for example. He wanders around the neighborhood and comes across a house that he believes to be his own. However, the house is very much not his own. According to the original poster- “This guy comes up to our door, meows a bunch, and then once we let him in he realizes he is in the wrong place. Or he just likes us. Either or.” Take it from us over here at the ICanHasCheezburger office, this guy is playing the field. We know a thing or two about conniving cats. Anyway, enjoy all the humorous goodness contained in this listicle. We surely did. 

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