The Toast Of Shame: 25 Kitties Who Refused The Cone, But Found A Tasty And Adorable Alternative Instead

We all know it and we all laugh at it – yes, we’re talking about the cone of shame. Everyone has to wear it at some point, whether from a surgery or to stop scratching that annoying itch, but some of us absolutely refuse to wear something so….so….hideous! We can’t be seen wearing that, what will all of our kitty friends think of us? We have standards to uphold, and a reputation to consider. We wouldn’t be caught in that horrific thing, but you know what is totally in style right now? Toast!

That’s right, this post is full of kitties who are rocking their favorite snack around their necks instead of that plastic atrocity we call The Cone. From toasty bread to delicious donuts, these kitties are looking tasty, and safe! Plus, they double as a travel pillow, which is mighty convenient for a species that takes 17 naps a day. Scroll down to see all these tasty and adorable kitties below!

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